How often should I repaint my roof?

As a homeowner, there are many things that you need to do to maintain the beauty and functionality of your property. One of the many areas that you should look out for is your roof.

The roof plays an important role in ensuring the safety and comfort of your family. It is, therefore, essential to have it checked and repainted regularly. If areas need repair and cleaning, it is best to ask roof experts to do them before a paint job.

How often should I repaint my roof?

Generally, roof paints last between 10 to 15 years. Most types of roof paint would start fading as it reaches its tenth year. While that is a clear sign that your roof needs a new paint job, there is no reason for you to wait that long to know that your roof needs new coating.

Why is it important to paint my roof regularly?

Painting your roof not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also improves the longevity of your roofing material. Depending on the type of roof, a new paint offers many benefits.

Regularly repainting your roof involves the painting job itself and keeping an eye on roof issues like rusting, missing and broken tiles, algae growth and roof leaks. Before painting your roof, cleaning dirt, debris and algae, plus dealing with rust is a must in order to achieve quality and an  aesthetically pleasing result.

Painting your roof regularly also helps maintain energy efficiency within your home. It can also help your roof combat extreme weather while slowing down the effects of wear and tear over time.

Is it better to ask professionals to paint my roof?

So, you’re considering just painting the roof because you are working on a budget. Whilst  do-it-yourself roof paint may sound enticing, but there is more to it than simply painting your roof. It is highly recommended that you opt for professional roof painting services.

For one, roof experts underwent extensive training backed with years of experience in determining the specific needs of your roof. They are trained to work in all environments to ensure that your roof achieves the attention & treatment it deserves.

Second, it’s not just simply painting it, but addressing anything that may affect the quality of the paint job. This includes repairing damaged areas of the roof and ensuring that gutters are clean and clog-free.

Before you head out and buy roof paint, ask if doing it yourself is more cost-efficient. Remember that painting your roof without cleaning and repairing it can cause more future damage. It may also affect the durability of your roof materials, causing more expenses later on.

What type of paint should I use?

Typically, it varies depending on your roof type – tile, iron or fibro roof. Consult your roof and paint service provider to ensure that you use the right paint for your roof. You may also ask your roofing company if a heat-reflective roof paint will suit your property/roof.

How long does it take to paint my roof?

On average, a roof painting job takes 3 to 4 days. However, in some cases, it may take more than 4 days. This may vary on the size of your roof, its slope, the height of the building, the type of roof, any clearing & repairs required and the type of paint to use.

A medium-sized roof may take about 3 days to complete. The first day is for cleaning the roof & internals of gutters, ensuring they are free from oil, dirt and chemicals used in manufacturing it.

Second stage is for repairs; tile roofs are pointed, broken tiles replaced, valleys checked and treated if required to extend their lifespan, etc

Final step is the application of the various coats: a coat of primer is applied first to seal & enhance adhesion, then 2 coats of a 100% acrylic membrane is applied to protect the surface of the roof & at the same time enhance the aesthetics of your property. With current technology, products are acrylic based and dry quickly under the Australian sun allowing for same day completion on a small to medium size roof.


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