7 benefits of Painting metal roofs

The use of metal roofs is becoming prevalent for most commercial and residential buildings.. They can stand the test of time and the year-round changes in the weather.

Painting metal roofs can be challenging. If your metal roof is newly-installed you may not need to worry about painting it until years after. If you wish to change the colour to match the property’s colour scheme, you need to make sure to wash off the roof with water and detergent or vinegar to remove the oils and residue from the galvanizing process. A good adhesive primer will go a long way to ensure adhesion.

You may ask your roof and paint provider for the best recommendation for your needs. After painting your roof, you may now enjoy its many advantages.

Here are 7 amazing benefits of painting your metal roofs:

1. Increases Your Property’s Sustainability

There is no doubt that global warming has become a threat – the hot climate is growing hotter while the cold is getting colder. Painting your metal roof with a heat reflective coating increases its sustainability and helps create a temperate climate inside the building.

Benefits of painting your roof with Heat Reflective coating:

  • Cool roofs last longer as they delay the destructive UV rays from damaging the roof coating.
  • Saving on cooling costs
  • They lower the build-up of urban heat and reduce Ozone.
  • Reduce pollution, due to reduced need for AC use, cooling costs, fossil fuel use, landfill (reduced AC use) and increases the buildings lifespan.

2. Improves the Appearance of the Building

One of the most amazing benefits of painting metal roofs is boosting the aesthetics of your property. A painted roof adds value to the property. And the best thing about it is that you can customize it. You can choose the colour that best suits the facade of your home or the theme of your establishment.

Just imagine how gorgeous your property will look with a freshly painted roof; whether you put your house for sale, or your own enjoyment.


BEFORE                                                                               AFTER

3. It is More Cost-efficient

Indeed, a metal roof offers a higher cost upfront but think of the amount you can save over the years. While you need to change other roofing materials regularly, metal roofs can endure the test of time. The best thing about metal roofs is that it lasts even longer when it is painted/maintained.

Metal roofs are also maintenance-friendly; apart from requiring re-surfacing every 10-15 years, they don’t need other maintenance like tile roofs need (changing broken tiles, re-pointing of ridges- attending to leaks etc).

Getting a metal roof and painting it is a good investment for your home or business. Painting your metal roof helps prevent the occurrence of rusting and chemical corrosion. Thus, it will not require regular improvement.

4. Metal is Fire Resistant

Metal is known to have a high melting point and is not volatile to catch fire. Thus, you can be assured that even during high-temperature climates, your metal roof will not catch fire. This can be reinforced with fire-resistant paint.

A water-based intumescent paint system and an acrylic elastomeric roof coating are some of the best paint options that can provide an excellent shield against fires. Brisbane Roof & Paint offers various painting options that can ensure the reliability of your metal roof.

5. Can be Customized

The colour and type of paint used for metal roofs can be customized according to the needs of your building. You can choose to match the roofing of your neighbours or perhaps have it tailored to adapt the theme of your landscape.

For business establishments, metal roof painting can also be customised to suit your marketing scheme and needs. One of the many benefits of metal roof painting is that you can change it without altering the interior of the building.

6. Maintains Roof Life

Metal roofs require low maintenance on the onset. Having it painted can even prolong its longevity. After choosing the best design for your metal roof, you can finish it off with the best paint option that you desire. With the right paint coat, your metal roof will surely outperform other roofing materials.

Brisbane Roof & Paint offers a wide array of painting options that will surely exceed your roofing needs and expectations.

7. Offers Higher Resale Value

Who could resist a nicely painted property?

In essence, a painted roof is an affirmation of a well-maintained property and helps achieve a higher sale price not only for aesthetic reasons but  also knowing that the roof will not require any costly maintenance or repairs for years to come.

These are just some of the many amazing benefits of painting your metal roof. However, remember to find a roofing contractor that you can trust. Brisbane Roof & Paint is the leading provider of high-quality roofing systems and roof paint customizations with years of experience and a satisfied clientele.

Need a new look for your metal roof?

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