Commercial Painting

Commercial and Industrial Roof Painters

Commercial and Industrial Roof Painters in Brisbane are typical because commercial roof painting is an excellent way to give life to your office, building, or warehouse. The changes it will bring might sweep you off your feet. It will leave your investment with a new look and aura, inviting a new feel into it. If you are thinking about painting your roof, you should hire a professional roof painter to do it.

At Brisbane Roof and Paint, the commercial painting job approach is different. We hold the value of your time, money, and energy with utmost importance. So we want to provide you with the kind of service that is reliable and hassle-free.

Professional Roof Painters

Our company is a team of professionals who work together to achieve the demands of our customers. Brisbane Roof and Paint are here to get the job done exactly how you want through our services, such as roof paintings, roof restorations, heat reflective coatings, and rusty or leaky roof encapsulations.

Brisbane Roof and Paint has accomplished several professional painting jobs over the past 30 years. We specialise in domestic and commercial painting, roof repairs, and restorations using various coatings.

Benefits of Using Brisbane Roof and Paint Services

Painting a property is a tough job. It requires top-notch skills and attention to detail to accomplish satisfying results. In addition, unmet expectations can be frustrating. However, with the help of our professional painters, you will be able to enjoy these benefits:

You get what you expect

High expectations are not always set to break hearts. However, with our high-quality paints paired with the best set of hands, you always get what you expect. In addition, you get what you pay for. Brisbane Roof and Paint Services always guarantee impeccable workmanship to finish the job on time and within budget.

Our quality products last a lifetime

The quality products we use are guaranteed to last years, decades, or even a lifetime. This will save you money from future restoration and repair fees.

Safety is our number one priority

Our products do not contain harmful chemicals. They are all legal and registered. We care for you and your family, so we ensure a process that focuses on safety. Besides craftsmanship, safety is our priority. In addition, what separates us from our competitors is that we do not have any hidden charges for the cost of our services. We provide our customers with the transparency they always look for in the services that we offer.

Creativity is evident in every angle

Our professional painters possess the right attitude, skills, and character, making creativity a natural result of their craftsmanship. With this, you will end up with a finished product that even the neighbours can’t stop talking about.

Services We Offer

Painting Services

Our painting services provide a safe, hassle-free experience for all our customers. Also, our staff is equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to meet deadlines and surpass expectations. Before the painting process, a thorough assessment is done to reveal how much work is needed. As a result, we guarantee painting services that give you value for your money.

Roof Services

Roof services available include roof painting, roof restoration, and rusty or leaky roof encapsulations. Before the process begins, a thorough assessment of the damage is performed. We only use premium paints that do not contain harsh chemicals to ensure the safety of our customers.

Coating Services

Heat reflective coatings and liquid-rubber coatings are the coating services we offer. Like every procedure, thorough checking and assessment are performed. By getting these services, beautifying or renovating your commercial property is equivalent to increasing the level of protection and comfort while reducing the costs for other cooling systems.

Things to Consider Before Commercial and Industrial Roof Painting

Professional commercial and industrial painters follow a method of their own. They can determine the extent of damage and if your roof’s substrate is suitable for coating. Other times, they can also determine if something else should be performed.


Type of roof

Before jumping into anything else, one crucial thing to consider is the type of roof. The type of your roof will indicate which services can be done and which cannot be. In addition, this will determine the kind of paint and other coating chemicals that our roof painters can use.


Colours of the paint

Our team of experts requires you to deliberate your paint choices before commencing the services. You need to choose at least three shades of paint to have extra options if something is unexpectedly unavailable. For commercial and industrial use, it would be best to research which colours best bring out the beauty of your investment.


Existing paint

Our team of experts has handled restoration cases that had multiple coatings of paint still intact on the roof. Therefore, it is essential to consider taking these layers off first before starting with another service in cases like this. However, In cases where the buildup is too severe, our team of experts will have to replace other materials to ensure safe and excellent results.


Setting Expectations

Here in Brisbane Roof and Paint, we encourage our customers to set expectations, and we do our best to meet those expectations. Our team of professional painters has gone through intensive training and processes that make them exceptional. Moreover, they are chosen not only for their abilities but also based on their work attitude and character. These are essential factors to make our customers satisfied with the results we can provide them with.

Contact Us for a Consultation

If you want to have a consultation for one of your investments, you may directly reach us through below number. Brisbane Roof and Paint is located at 33 Lavinia Street, Sunnybank, Queensland, Australia. If you have questions about commercial and industrial painting, do not hesitate to ask us.