Heat Reflectant Coatings

Heat Reflectant Coatings. Advanced Thermal Protection – Tomorrow’s Technology Today.

Heat Reflective Coatings That Cool Your Home And Save On Cooling Costs

Brisbane roof and paint offer heat reflective coatings that will cool your home or business and increase productivity whilst saving you money on cooling costs.

The purpose of the heat reflective coatings is to reduce heat in the cavity of the dwelling/building thus increasing the level of comfort and reducing cooling costs such as air-conditioning and cooling systems.

Insulation bats do very little in delivering relief from the summer heat; when the roof cavity gets hot then it radiates down the walls heating the home/building. They only delay the inevitable. We use and recommend Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone Roof Coating with Thermal Protection Technology

Advanced Thermal Protection – Tomorrow’s Technology Today. Reduce Up To 10 Degrees Of Temperature. From The Interior Of Your Home, Office Or Work Place.

Presenting: NXT Cool Zone® roof coating with advanced Thermal Protection Technology® from Nutech Paints to help keep your roof and home cooler without sacrificing colour and design.
The unique Thermal Protection Technology® in NXT Cool Zone® reduces the amount of the Sun’s heat energy that your roof absorbs, dramatically lowering heat build-up, even with dark traditional roof colours

Now More Than Ever It Is Essential To Have A Cool Roof Because:

A Cool Roofs Lasts Longer

Heat helps speed up break down of all roof coatings, acrylic and enamel alike. By having a cool roof the NXT Cool Zone actually helps increase the life of the paint/coating.

So by extending the life of the coating and as a result the need of replacement or refurbishment NXT Cool Zone actually proves to be a value-adding exercise.

A Cool Roof Saves You Money

NXT Cool Zone reduces the heat inside your home, office or factory reducing the need for air-conditioning/cooling not only saving money on power bills but also saving water evaporating from the air conditioner.

A Cool Roof Helps The Environment

NXT Cool Zone is an energy efficient roof coating by reducing cooling costs, reducing energy usage during peak times, reducing fossil fuel usage, pollution and land fill by extending the need for roof replacement and lengthening air-conditioner’s lifespan.

NXT Cool Zone® helps reduce pollution, smog, the urban heat island effect and global warming. Outdoor and indoor air quality is improved due to compliant VOC levels, no Hazardous Air Pollutants and low odour.

Cool roofs

Increase comfort levels and productivity

Reduce greenhouse emissions

Lower urban heat island build-up

Reduce ozone build-up

NXT Cool Zone is fully recyclable

Superior Durability and Appearance

Drinking Water Safe