Leak Repairs

Brisbane’s Experts In Leaking Roof Repairs

Are you sick and tired of your leaking roof but can’t or don’t want to go to the expense of replacing it? Get it repaired instead! We offer an effective leaking roof repair & encapsulation service that eliminates leaks without the need for a complete replacement.

For a fraction of the cost of a replacement, we can apply a 2mm thick seamless ‘blanket’ of a UV resistant, water-fortified polyurethane that will seal your roof completely and extend its life for more than 10 years.

Don’t Re-Roof, Encapsulate To Prevent Leaks Save $$$

Our product is an elastomeric sealant that is water potable certified (AS/NZS4020:2500), engineered to provide exceptional adhesion, elasticity, total waterproofing and a protective seal to any roof it is applied to. Its formulation complies with AS4858:2004 and is generally applied in accordance with AS3740:2004 and meets the ‘Green Star’ environmental criteria.

Our technicians have plenty of experience when it comes to using this high quality product, ensuring it is installed correctly for effective results that last.

*It cures into a seamless membrane 1.5-2mm thick, normal “membranes” are around 300micron (0.03mm). *stretches up to 300% with 95% recovery.

Our elastomeric sealant offers a complete waterproofing solution, as it is able to contain, seal and protect roofs.

We provide roof sealing for tile roofs, iron roofs, and fibro roofs.

This product is also:

Completely non-toxic

UV resistant

Corrosion resistant

Chemical resistant

Elastomeric sealant is used across a wide range of other applications besides roofing, such as expansion joints, tanks, parking areas, dams/ponds, gutters, planter boxes, concrete cracks and retaining walls.

No leaks * No rust * No worries

Satisfaction Guarantee

As with all aspects of our services, client satisfaction is high on our list with our commercial roof sealing service and leaking roof repairs in the Brisbane area. Small testament of that is in our page of testimonials to see what our satisfied customers had to say about our excellent standard of roof sealing services.

Say Goodbye To Your Leaking Roof With Our Repairs

Looking for a company that offers leaking roof repairs in Brisbane? Encapsulation is a cost effective alternative to a complete replacement – call us NOW for an obligation free quote on tax deductable sealed and rejuvenated roofing.