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Iron Roof Restorations & Replacements For Brisbane Locals

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If your iron roof is looking a little worse for wear, we can help. Offering both metal roof replacements and restorations, we are able to provide a solution to suit all roofs, no matter what their condition.

An inspection is again necessary to assess the condition of the roof and the need for any repairs/remedies. We aim to restore wherever possible, only resorting to a replacement when it’s 100% necessary.

The Restoration Process For Iron Roofs Throughout Brisbane

Any existing nails are either punched in or removed and replaced by roofing screws equipped with rubber grommets/rings to ensure waterproofing. If there are screws that are fixed, they are re-screwed where needed.

“Slips” can be supplied and fitted if required to prevent old sheets from diverting moisture between sheets into the roof cavity.

Often old sheets allow water/moisture to “crawl” up into the inside of the sheet much like in the same principle as water moving from a vessel to another through a fibrous string.

Next step is cleaning of the roof and gutters using a water blaster to ensure surfaces are clean.

All rust areas are coated with a rust converter to eliminate any trace of rust and prevent further rusting and oxidation.

One coat of Zink Phosphate metal primmer is applied to ensure adhesion.

Finally 2 coats of acrylic roofing membrane are applied to the client’s colour of choice.

When it comes to metal roof replacements and restorations, Brisbane Roof & Paint is your number one choice.

All restorations are backed by our 10 year guarantee.

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