How does heat reflective roof paint work?

Heat reflective roof paints provide many advantages to your property. Whether for residential or commercial use, a cool roof can go a long way. Aside from improving the level of comfort, it also increases both energy and cost-efficiency.

Before we understand how heat reflective roof paint works, it may be best to know what it is.

Heat reflective roof paint is a roofing coat that helps cool down your roof. It typically comes in white or light-coloured paint and can eliminate solar heat, boosting better insulation for your home or business.

How does heat reflective roof paint work?

To understand how heat reflective roof paint works, let us first know how solar energy interacts with the things on Earth. As we all know, the sun is our major source of energy. It provides both visible and invisible solar radiation.

Visible radiation is what you see as bright and warm sunlight while ultraviolet and infrared rays are the invisible radiations. As the sun shines, everything around you simply reflects or absorbs the solar radiation that it gives off.

When these objects absorb light and heat from the sun, most of them will emit a hot temperature or reflect a bright hue. As a consequence, you feel the hot temperature and glaring light emanating from the things around you.

This is where heat reflective roof paint comes into play. It works by interrupting the transfer of solar energy from the roof to the interiors of your home or business. It acts as a mirror reflecting UV rays, protecting the building from absorbing too much heat and as a result, making it cooler and more comfortable inside

Why are most heat reflective roof paints white?

White roof paint consists of acrylic or polymeric materials fused with a nontransparent whitened reflective colourant. This mixture is engineered to reflect the solar radiation that the sun is emitting. Generally, white paint has a high total solar reflectance of 69%, reducing sunlight absorption on the roof.

The only heat reflective product that is effective even in dark colours is NXT COOL ZONE by Nutech an Australian owned & operated company in Melbourne. Nutech, understanding the need to provide for cases where colour coordination is important, they have developed this unique technology that gives homeowners the choice of a dark-coloured roof with the comfort a heat reflecting roof provides

What is the impact of heat reflective coating on your property?

With the evolving effects of climate change, choosing more sustainable and energy-efficient housing materials should be one of your considerations. Whether you are renovating, repairing or building a new property, it may be best to use environmentally friendly options.

Heat reflective roof paints offer cooling properties that help reduce the consumption of energy. The best thing about these types of paint is that as they reduce heat absorption on the roof, they also decrease the temperature inside your house by as much as 30%, drastically reducing cooling/energy costs

As a consequence, you will also enjoy a lower cost for your electricity bill by about 25%. Not only will you conserve energy consumption but also make every household member comfortable with their activities.

Cool roofs last longer

The coating on a hot roof will suffer accelerated degradation, resulting in gloss, elasticity & adhesion loss, as well as colour. A heat reflective coating keeps cooler and as a result the life of the coating is extended & enhanced, reducing the need for replacement or enhancement, a cost saving to the client and better for the environment.

Cool roof advantages

  • Reduces energy/cooling costs, saving valuable resources
  • Saves water from reduced evaporative AC
  • Lowers urban heat island build up that as a result reduces Ozone
  • Reduces chemical use for healthier living
  • Reduces the need for product replacement & maintenance such as roofing materials, air-conditioning (due to reduced use)
  • Cool homes equal less dehydration & chemical emissions

At Brisbane Roof and Paint, in our quest to provide you the client with the best possible products/ roofing solutions, we have chosen NXT COOL ZONE as our heat reflective coating that will work the best and provide an unlimited choice of colours

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