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Asbestos Roofs Encapsulated With A Waterproofing Membrane To Extend Their Life For Many Years

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We all know that fibro roofs contain asbestos, filled with dangerous asbestos fibres that if inhaled will lodge in the lungs causing grave illness and ultimately death so they have to be treated with caution.

Asbestos poses threat if is interfered with by cutting, drilling, braking or any action that would cause the fibres to become airborne. So if treated properly fibro roofs can be safe to live under. Water blasting or abrasive cleaning by any means is prohibited by law with steep penalties imposed on those ignoring them.

The Only Means Of Restoring Such Roofs Is By

Applying a coat of mould killing solution (not chlorine) to eliminate mould spores and prevent further mould growth

A PVA based sealer/binder is liberally applied to seal the fibres and ensure adhesion

A coat of filler is applied to fill the rough surface of the roof and give a smoother finish.

Finally 2 coats of roofing membrane are applied to the client’s choice of colour.

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