How much is a roof restoration in Brisbane?

Roof restoration is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your home. It offers to renew your home’s appearance and increase its value. However, the question would be, how much does roof restoration in Brisbane cost?

Essentially, the cost is not a one-size-fits-all classification. On average, roof restorations cost anywhere between $3,000 – $7,000. Some factors help determine roof restoration prices including its size and all roof-related issues.

Before we discuss the many factors that may affect the roof restoration cost, here is a rough estimate of the basic cost:

  • Small-sized roofs: $3,000 – $3,600
  • Medium-sized roofs: $3,600 – $5,000
  • Large-sized roofs: $5,000 – $7,000

Again, these are just costs in black and white. Prices vary depending on the size, type and other aspects necessary to restore the elegance and good condition of your roof.

Top 3 Factors that may Affect the Cost of a Roof Restoration

1.    Size of Your Home

The size of your roof plays an important role in determining roof restoration costs. Larger roofs may require more repair, hence, pricier. In most cases, roof restoration quotes are computed per square metre.

An additional factor to consider when asking for a full restoration quote is the height of your whole house. You may be wondering why. The thing is if your roof is too high to reach, additional safety equipment and measures should be required. This involves using guard rails and scaffolding if you have a two-storey or average-sized house.

2.    Roof’s Current Condition

The roof’s condition is another important factor that may impact the cost. In some instances, many repair works are vital while others may only need a couple of leak patchings. In most cases, the older your roof is, the more repair work may be needed.

Let’s take a look at some necessary repairs and other preparation costs:

●      Rebedding and Repointing

If the mortar has cracked over time, re-bedding including re-pointing may be necessary.

Re-bedding is the process of repairing the basic mortar bedding by removing the old or damaged ones and resetting the ridge capping. Re-pointing, on the other hand, is the second and final process of securing the ridge caps.

Generally, the products and services for rebedding and repointing are taken into account for the restoration quotes.

●      Rust Treatment

Rust is the most common enemy of an iron or metal roof. If the conditions involved major rusting, it may be best to clean it before restoring its aesthetics.

While rust can be very stubborn, it can be eliminated by a heavy power washer combined with specialised equipment for light sandblasting. Make sure to hire roofing experts as this requires skills and techniques.

This may also include applying a special chemical compound that will ward off rust and mildew from developing. Notably, this may also add to your restoration costs.

●      Tile Replacement

Another condition that may warrant an additional roof cost is replacing your tiles. When you have cracked tiles or your tiled roof has grown too much algae, it may be necessary to change them. In most instances, tile replacement jobs may also use a chemical treatment to eliminate moss growth.

●      Roof Cleaning

If your roofing valleys have grown some weeds or plants, cleaning is required. Generally, deep cleaning is essential before roof restoration services. Whether you have a medium or large-sized roof, it will need cleaning before the roofing job. The cost, however, varies based on the kind of cleaning your entire roof needs.

The surface needs to be free from dust, mildew, weeds and holes. Typically, even areas with cracking and peeling paint are removed. It also includes applying a roofing sealant to make sure that the old paint will not curl up post-application of the new roofing membrane.

3.    The Standards of Materials Used

There is no wonder that a newly renovated house can come a long way. While the upfront cost of roofing products can be expensive, it is a worthwhile investment. Not only will you boost the appearance of your home but also improve the safety and security of your household.

Full roof restoration is more than just the look of the new paint, especially for residents of Brisbane and nearby suburbs. Applying roof paint is an excellent protective layer known as the “paint membrane.” It is high-quality paint that protects your roof from many elements such as extreme temperature, rusting and fungi growth.

Some are designed to reflect heat to improve the level of thermal insulation in your homes. Others are made as waterproofing. Keep in mind that when it comes to roof painting, you always get what you pay for.

Now that you know the top three common factors you have to consider when getting a quote, it’s time to understand why you may need a good roof restoration in Brisbane.

What You Should Know About Roof Restoration Cost in Brisbane

Brisbane weather is characterised by its fierce sunshine, tropical rain and epic hailstorms. When you use quality products coupled with roofing professional craftsmanship, you can be sure that it can withstand these weather elements.

Here are other things that you should also consider about roof restoration cost in Brisbane:

  • Roofing restoration is more cost-efficient than a roof replacement. Remember that a top-of-the-line roof restoration should last for 10 years or more, while a full roof replacement may require restoration after at least 3 years.
  • Homeowners do not just pay for the high-quality materials but also the expertise and professionalism of your provider. Imagine how people will be awed by the new appearance and vibrance of your newly restored roof.
  • If you are thinking of putting your place up on the market, you’ll realise that the cost of a repaired roof is money well spent. Not only will you increase the worth of your property but also show your prospective buyers that the house is well cared for.
  • The cost of restoration also includes workmanship and attention to detail. Every hole and speck of rusting is removed to guarantee durability and value for money.
  • Some roof restoration experts offer a 10-year warranty on their work. So before you do anything, make sure to pick a reliable and well-established roofing company you can trust.

What are the restorations available in Brisbane?

When your roof is beginning to show signs of aging, like leaking, rusting or broken tiles, it may be the right time to rejuvenate it.

1.    Tile Roofs

Loose, cracked or broken tiles as well as mortars are the popular wear and tear issues of tile roofs. They may also grow fungi, mildew or weeds, especially during the rainy season. Sometimes older tiled roofs simply look bare and tired so they need a rejuvenation.

Tile roof restorations can be started by changing broken tiles. Then it is cleaned with a 4000PSI pressure cleaner to remove dirt and debris. Your roof restorer will check if there is a need for re-bedding and repointing. After which, an anti-fungicide solution is applied to avoid mould and algae growth.

A primer or sealer is then used on the roof tiles to ensure adhesion. Lastly, elastomeric acrylic paint is applied in two coats to secure and protect your tiled roof.

2.    Iron Roofs

Roof leaks and rusting are signs that your iron roof needs restoration and it’s not just a slight problem. After a thorough inspection, your roof restorers will recommend the best remedy for you. Your roofing specialist aims to rehabilitate the roof as much as possible and preserve the entire sheet.

The first step in the roof restoration process for iron and metal roofs is to remove all existing nails and replace them with high-grade screws with rubber grommet fittings and washers for waterproofing. Whenever necessary, “slips” are used to prevent the old iron sheets from causing moisture build-up between the sheets and into the roofing cavity.

Next is cleaning the roof and gutters. Then a converter, one coat of proofing primer and 2 layers of special roof coating are applied.

3.    Fibro Roofs

Restorations of fibro roofs entail a high level of caution because they contain asbestos that can be extremely dangerous to health.

The only means to restore them is to start it with the application of a non-chlorine mould killing solution. This helps eliminate spores and mould build-up. Then a quality roof sealant seals the fibres and ensures better adhesion.

The roof restoration job is completed with a layer of filler for a smoother finish and 2 layers of paint membrane. You can select from a wide array of colours that will suit the exterior of your home.

For commercial establishments, these restorations are also made available to you by Brisbane Roof and Paint. Whether tile or metal roofs, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got you covered. You may ask roofing contractors to inspect your roof for proper quoting.

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