5 Benefits of a Reflective Roof Cooling System

Reflective roofs are the latest trend in roofing technology. This is a type of roof coating that is designed to reflect sunlight & UV rays and as a result dramatically reduce ambient heat.

It’s a perfect roof upgrade fit whether you’re having it for your home or for a commercial establishment that you own.

Though more costly than your average roof material, reflective roofs might just be one of the best options on the market currently. If you’re still unsure about whether or not this type of roof is for you, then you might want to consider it after checking out what its real benefits are.

1. Comfortable Living

Let’s get this well-known benefit of reflective roofs out of the way first.

Summers can get really hot in QLD Without proper insulation starting from your roof, your home is going to feel like an oven. A roof can become as hot as 64 degrees Celsius. If you’re using a reflective roof, it can be 28 degrees Celsius less which is a big difference already, reducing ambient heat up to 8-10 degrees C

This benefit can go beyond the house. Let’s say you’re running a business establishment like a restaurant or a shop. People are going to be less comfortable staying within your location if the temperature is too much to bear. By having reflective roofs on, you are making your business establishment more comfortable for your visitors.

This is a win-win situation for clients and staff alike as they. This will help your employees feel more comfortable even during the hottest of days during the summer.

2. Better Durability

A reflective roof is lined with a high tech coating system reflecting the sun’s damaging UV rays as well as keeping the roof surface cooler.. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can eventually result in the degradation or aging of your roof. That being said, reflective roofs are able to last longer than average roofs, heat will degrade the roof coating faster, as UV rays will have the same effect.

3. Reduced Power Bills

One of the most underrated benefits of proper roof insulation is that it can actually help reduce power costs. The hotter your home is, the more power your air conditioning is going to use to regulate the heat inside your home. As reflective roofs can help insulate your home better, you’ll be paying less in electricity costs.

Aside from the fact that you have lesser bills to pay, you also need to consider that there’s less pressure on your air conditioning. That means the risks of problems and issues with your cooling unit are less likely to happen.

Reflective roofs are a big plus especially if you’re in the sunny regions of Australia. It’s summer here already and those that have reflective roofs at home are reaping the benefits of their investment.

4. Environmentally Friendly Option

Reflective roof coating systems are typically made with no VOCs or volatile organic compounds. These roofs also have no harmful odours. Needless to say, reflective roofs are environmentally friendly and they can help aid in lowering emissions as well because it practically reduces your air-conditioning consumption as well.

Thanks to its durability, you’ll be less likely to have your roof changed over time as well. This also helps the environment because lesser materials are going to be used to supply homes or commercial buildings with roofs. Now think of the implications of an entire city shifted to reflective roofing?

5. Stylish

Reflective roof coating comes in many different colours. You can easily find one shade that will fit your home’s aesthetic perfectly. If you’re looking for a roof coating that can make your home look amazing for a really long time, then the reflective coating is the perfect choice for many reasons.

As it doesn’t degrade over time, your roof is going to be looking fresh and new for years. You don’t have to worry about repainting too much as the coat of paint can last longer than traditional paint.

A reflective roof is a good investment for your home. Our roof experts here at Brisbane Roof And Paint suggest that you get this type of roof if you’re already out looking for a new one. Its many benefits make it one of the best types of roof coating out there that can last you a really long time.