The 5 most popular roof paint colours trending in 2021

Although colour choices vary from person to person depending on race, age, eye colour gender etc, with Hampton style homes the latest rage in house styles dark roofs are the most popular to complement the lighter colour on the walls; Five most popular colours trending lately are:

  • Before-MONUMENT
    Before MONUMENT After

1. Monument

#1 prize belongs to Monument, a dark grey/charcoal colour that will complement Black gutter/fascia as they contrast well; if there apexes (small gables) on the roof then the flat panels would look awesome in Lexicon half strength, as would soffits in the same colour. If the walls are rendered or timber they can be painted in a light off-white to full Lexicon colour . Monument is a Colorbond colour created to fill a niche market for those who prefer a darker grey but not as dark as charcoal.

  • Before-DARK GREY
    After-DARK GREY
    Before DARK GREY After

2. Dark Grey

#2 position belongs to dark Grey, a shade lighter than Monument with a hint of blue that can hardly be distinguished but adds a different dimension and aesthetics to the dark grey family; it too works well with Black gutter/fascia and Lexicon half strength gables or soffits.

  • Before-CHARCOAL
    Before CHARCOAL After

3. Charcoal

#3 is Charcoal; perfect for Hampton style roof colour, it complements any colour trims in the range from black (for trims) to dark grey, mid & light greys to whites.

  • Before-SILVER
    Before SILVER After

4. Woodland Grey

#4 spot belongs to Woodland Grey, a dark grey with a hint of green that adds a diverse look to a roof enhancing light trim & wall colours that have a hint of green in them.

  • Before-MANOR RED
    After-MANOR RED
    Before MANOR RED After

5. Manor Red

#5 if you have a colonial style home with a metal roof, and want to keep the colour scheme traditional, then Manor Red is the preferred colour; if heat is an issue then the traditional silver colour could be more suitable.

Conclusion: when choosing a roof colour, several things must come into consideration:

  • House colours: the roof colour must complement the house colours or create a contrast.
  • Heat: dark colours attract more heat, particularly if the roof is metal as they tend to radiate more heat in the roof cavity. One way to solve the issue is to use heat reflective paint; however not all reflective paints work with dark colours, only NXT Cool Zone by Nutech, works with dark colours.
  • Avoid really blue colours as blue tints tend to fade quickly. One way to solve the fading on blue colours is to use Nano-Protect, a clear coating that prolongs paint life span & gloss retention and prevents premature fading. The product is pricy but well worth the investment.
  • Product: chose a quality product ahead of cheaper nasties, cheap is just that: cheap; on the other side of the coin, not the most expensive paint is the best. Some well-known paint firms spend an enormous amount of money on marketing thus increasing the product price; this doesn’t mean their roof paint is the best. Do your research, check reviews and ask some who had their roof painted.
  • Applicator: just as important as the product, make sure you choose a reputable applicator with good reviews to achieve the best outcome.