The 5 most popular roof paint colours trending in 2021

Although colour choices vary from person to person depending on race, age, eye colour gender etc, with Hampton style homes the latest rage in house styles dark roofs are the most popular to complement the lighter colour on the walls; Five most popular colours trending lately are: 1. Monument #1 prize belongs to Monument, a dark … Read more

What does a roof restoration cost?

Roof restoration can be one of the simplest ways to breathe new life into your property. A quality restoration will take decades off the look of your home and can refresh it to its former glory. We often see signs on posts and trailers advertising: roofs cleaned & painted from $2400.00; however there are a few … Read more

How long should a roof restoration last in the harsh QLD climate?

It’s no secret that Queenslanders enjoy some of the best weather conditions all year round. A subtropical climate means two distinct seasons of hot humid summers with high rainfall and tropical storms vs a drier winter period of balmy temperatures. These unique Queensland weather conditions are definitely a consideration when looking at a roof restoration and … Read more

Why you shouldn’t put off RE-BEDDING & REPOINTING your roof

Roof pointing is designed to be durable and long-lasting, but unfortunately it does deteriorate over time. Factors such as exposure to inclement weather conditions, destructive habits of insects, birds, falling branches and age will affect the longevity of your roof. A structurally sound roof provides security and safety so there are many good reasons why homeowners … Read more