How Much Does A Roof Restoration Cost in Brisbane?

If your roof needs significant restoration work or you need to recoat and protect a weather-beaten roof you’ve probably already called around for a few quotes for roof restoration and noticed that not only do costs vary from company to company but so do the services they include.

Roof restoration is the perfect solution to restore a tired roof, the results look as good as new and will cost a fraction of the cost of a completely new roof. So How Much Will A Roof Restoration Cost?

We jotted down some information to help you estimate how much a roof restoration would cost and what factors may influence the final quote you receive.

A Quality Roof Restoration Should Last for 10+ Years

It is important not to let price be the determining factor when deciding which company to go with for your roof restoration. The most important factor is that your painters use quality products that are durable and provide lasting protection.

Quality workmanship and attention to detail is what separates craftsmen from painters. If the paint isn’t applied correctly, you will be left with a faded or peeling paint surface that does not last a summer season.

A roof restoration generally costs between $2,000 – $7,000, and however, many factors will influence the final quote. As a general guideline, you can expect to scale costs according to the size of your roof

  • Small house roof restoration: +- $2000–$3500
  • Medium house roof restoration: +- $3500–$5000
  • Large house roof restoration: +- $5000–$7000

We provide transparent, all-inclusive quotes, so you know upfront what your roof restoration will cost- no extras, no hidden surprises, just value for money.

Quotes for Roof Restoration Brisbane

Here Are Five Factors That Affect Roof Restoration Costs

1. Quality Products

We all know the saying “You get what you pay for”, and quality paint is not something you want to compromise on. While the paint tin may be labelled roof paint not all roof products are the same. The tempting low price is usually an indication of an inferior quality product that does not last or provide superior protection. If you are paying a team of qualified painters to paint your roof it doesn’t make sense not to invest in a good quality paint that is designed for your roof material and one that retains its freshly painted look for many years. The roof membrane/paint is the barrier that stands between the weather elements and your roof; a quality product will protect it better.

There is a range of coatings available for different roof materials. If you are looking to reflect heat (the product price is significantly higher than the standard roof membrane) or address leaks, there are various products on the market designed for specific surface applications. The type of product used will have an impact on the cost of the roof restoration.

2. Size of your roof

The average roof size is between 200 m² – 300 m². The total square meterage of the area will dictate the number of hours it takes to complete the job and how much paint will be required to sufficiently seal the area.

3. The current condition and age of your roof

Many people do not consider painting the roof until they see a visible deterioration, or a leak, which is usually 12+ years down the line. Things such as broken tiles, peeling paint, ridge capping or flashing that needs replacement will raise the cost of your roof restoration. Preparation is critical when painting and while it may seem tiresome to spend time sanding or water-blasting, this is time well spent to ensure the paint adheres to a clean surface and that you receive a flawless finish. A pre-painted roof requires a second clean ( a day or so later when the roof is dry) to remove as much as possible of the old paint flakes, then a coat of sealer/binder needs to be applied the same day, preventing the edges of the old paint from “curling” up post application of the new roof membrane.

4. Guardrail Safety

If you have a multi-level home, OH&S laws require a guardrail to be erected in order to comply with safety regulations. This cost would need to be factored in and would affect your roof restoration quote. A 3-level dwelling will need boom lift for accessing the roof, there are heavy fines for using ladders to access a 3-storey building roof.

5. Re-bedding & repointing

When a tile roof is first laid, the ridge tiles are set on a line of bedding mortar to secure them; when the bedding mortar has cured, all ridge tiles are “re-pointed” with an acrylic-cementitious, pointing compound that comes pre-mixed from the various suppliers, to ensure the roof is water tight. When bedding mortar is still fresh, “weep holes” are “pocked” with a 6mm round steel rod for drainage, the same process applies when repointing, if water somehow enters the roof cavity it can drain via the weep holes.
Unfortunately, some shady contractors do not “poke” the weep holes during a restoration or repair to save time, so they will need to be drilled with a diamond tipped drill when the concrete is hard.
Typically, on a standard roof restoration, the ridges of your roof only need to be re-bedded if they are loose and or bedding mortar is missing. If your roof is old and in poor condition, you may require a full re-bed of all ridges which adds to the labour costs and time needed to complete the job.

Brisbane Roof Restoration Specialists

If you’re looking for a reputable painting team and quality workmanship that attracts the attention of even the most discerning eye, Brisbane Roof and Paint should be your first call.

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