Brett Simpson

5 Benefits of a Reflective Roof Cooling System

Reflective roofs are a smart choice for homeowners and business owners.

Reflective roofs are the latest trend in roofing technology. This is a type of roof coating that is designed to reflect sunlight & UV rays and as a result dramatically reduce ambient heat. It’s a perfect roof upgrade fit whether you’re having it for your home or for a commercial establishment that you own. Though more … Read more

5 Psychological Benefits of a Newly Painted Property

Houses come in different designs and colours. These factors impact the aesthetics and value of a property. To some, the colour of their property does not matter. They just go with the colour trends and what seems the best choice for their house. The truth is, the colour of the property can impact the moods of … Read more

How much is a roof restoration in Brisbane?

Roof restoration is one of the best ways to breathe new life into your home. It offers to renew your home’s appearance and increase its value. However, the question would be, how much does roof restoration in Brisbane cost? Essentially, the cost is not a one-size-fits-all classification. On average, roof restorations cost anywhere between $3,000 – … Read more

How does heat reflective roof paint work?

Heat reflective roof paints provide many advantages to your property. Whether for residential or commercial use, a cool roof can go a long way. Aside from improving the level of comfort, it also increases both energy and cost-efficiency. Before we understand how heat reflective roof paint works, it may be best to know what it is. … Read more

7 benefits of Painting metal roofs

The use of metal roofs is becoming prevalent for most commercial and residential buildings.. They can stand the test of time and the year-round changes in the weather. Painting metal roofs can be challenging. If your metal roof is newly-installed you may not need to worry about painting it until years after. If you wish to … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Asbestos Roofs

For the most part of the previous century, the construction industry was blessed with a cheap and easy-to-work-with roofing solutions. That of course, included asbestos roofs who are still fairly common today. However, a lot has changed about how we view asbestos nowadays and things are more complicated than they seem. What Is Asbestos? Asbestos is … Read more